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Oversized Rugs
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Traditional rug hand Washing & Repairs + We also sell hand knotted rugs brand new, old antique, pictorial, dated and collectables 

Come visit at 1A Patey Steet, Epsom, Auckland (corner of Market Road)

Original owners since 1998

Phone: 0210 296 1120


Do you have pets? dog or cat urinate on your rugs? smelly, musty or dirty rugs? Fringes that have frayed? or side bindings that have come undone? We repair handmade rugs we are also your best carpet cleaning company in New Zealand!

Rug washing, rug cleaning, rug repairs and rug restorations for all sorts of handmade, hand knotted, machine made rugs and mats.
We provide the best rug cleaning, washing, restorations and repairing services in New Zealand. All of our services are professional and safe with more than 24 years’ experience for any sort of Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, Moroccan, Turkish, Belgium, Russian, Kazak, Chinese, Italian, South American, African, Kashmir, Oriental, Handmade, Hand woven, Hand Knotted and Machine made rugs.

We wash, clean, repair and restore all sorts of rugs including Gabbehs, Killims, antiques, new, old and silk.


All rugs are hand washed using good quality products which contain natural ingredients. The natural ingredients used in our washing and cleaning processes increase the life of your rugs helping it by protecting the wool from breaking and giving that shine back to your rugs. Our washing, cleaning, restoration and repairing services are carefully done by professionals.


We provide other services such as insurance claims, quotes, valuations, orders, pickups in Auckland and deliveries NZ wide.

We are based in Auckland and we can arrange deliveries anywhere in North and South Island.






Shop Address : 1A Patey Street, Epsom, Auckland

Open Mon-Sat 10:30am-6pm

Factory Address: Unit 744/19 Ormiston Road, East Tamaki, Auckland


Phone: 0210 296 1120


Working hours - Mon-Sat 10:30am-6pm